March 23, 2014 I have been posting some new images of my work. Please take a look at the sculpture section to view newer etched mirrors and few new sculptures. Lately, I have been working on creating my own illuminated manuscripts. I came up with the idea by taking images from real illuminated manuscripts and by adding my own stories of racial incidents. They are made from gouache, gold leaf, Swarovski crystals painted on real calfskin vellum. These illuminations are located in the drawing section. I am currently working on more illuminations, while waiting to fire a clay relief in the same style as these illuminations. Thanks for taking a look! March 20, 2014 Hello, sorry it has taken me so long to update my website. A couple of interesting things coming up. I will have a piece in a group show at OTIS College of Art and Design, Freeway Studies #2: Inside the Quad. Opens Saturday, April 12 4pm-6pm. They posted a nice little interview of my work in their blog for this show, please take a look at I will also be participating in an art auction to benefit the Pasadena Art Alliance Saturday, April 26 at the California Club, tickets for the event are still on sale. I have slowly been working on a few new different bodies of work over the past couple of years. I will be posting new images of the work as soon as possible! Thanks for coming by! July 27, 2015 Hello! Sorry I have not uploaded any new images of new work because for the past year I have been too busy in the academia field (I am currently working towards a second master's degree in Asian American Studies at UCLA). I have found that the information I have learned and the research that I have been doing for this degree has greatly influenced my work. I will be happy to share this new work with you this January (2016) as I will be having my first Los Angeles based solo exhibition at the Walter Maciel Gallery in Los Angeles . More information will be posted closer to show date. I hope you will be able to attend!